You’ll just love the benefits you and your child will receive in our Mixed Ages Class

In our Mixed Ages class your child will

· Have lots of fun, learn easily and love coming to class each week

· Develop language skills and increase his vocabulary

· Increase and develop concentration skills leading to a longer attention span

· Experience the joy of developing new friendships

· Learn how to take turns

· Play a variety of percussion instruments

· Be encouraged to tidy up after playing instruments

· Develop coordination of finger movements, vital for later learning to how to hold a pencil and to write

· Develop listening skills by focusing on a sound source

· Build confidence and self esteem

· Learn how to sit still

· Develop bilateral coordination, the use of both sides of the body at the same time

· Awaken and stimulate neural pathways in his brain that help develop memory, maths skills and the powers of abstract and creative thinking

· Develop a strong musical bond with you

· Learn songs that will soothe and relax him

· Foster an enjoyment for music

· Learn movement activities to help burn off energy

· Build a repertoire of beloved songs for your family to share

· Feel successful by repeating and mastering activities 

· Be encouraged to learn through listening and experimenting