Our Courtesy System

We want you and your child to have lots of fun making music in your Musikgarten class, so we developed our courtesy system with you in mind.

Please arrive at your class 10 minutes before its scheduled start time.  We want you and your child to have time to be greeted by your teacher, take off your outdoor clothes and shoes and to catch up with your friends.  Arriving late disturbs the class flow and some young children find it hard to get oriented.  

Please participate in the class activities.  You are a very powerful role model for your child and your participation in singing, moving and listening cues your child that it is safe, enjoyable and important.  Your teacher is really not concerned about your “musical competence.”  It’s enthusiasm that sustains the energy and focus of the class!

Please don’t carry on conversations with other adults during the class, particularly when we are singing.  Your teacher counts on your voices to sing and support.  Your focus and attention on class activities model attitudes of respect and enjoyment of music.

4 Please respect this special time with your child and switch your cell phone off, except under unusual circumstances.

Please let the office know if you want to bring extra family members to class.  We aim to make classes very inclusive, so visitors don’t often get to sit on the sidelines.  We welcome grandparents, extra parents etc, but it can get to be overwhelming if there are too many visitors all at one time.

Thank you for keeping individual bottles, snacks and toys out of the class area.   Young children are sometimes irretrievably distracted by the idea that food or toys are present but unavailable to them.

Thank you for keeping sick children at home.  We are sorry to have them miss class, but you know how illnesses can travel through groups of children.  Feel free to email to arrange a catch up class.