Sonia Markholm BMus completed the first stage of her Musikgarten training in Chicago in 2004.  As New Zealand’s first trained and licensed Musikgarten teacher, Sonia opened her Musikgarten in 2005.  Committed to providing music education, Sonia completed stage two of her training in Atlanta in July 2006 and returned to Atlanta in July 2007 where she completed the third stage of her Musikgarten training.  “Thanks for bringing the superb Musikgarten programme to NZ.  It has provided such joy for our children, as well as providing such a fantastic foundation for their learning.”

Nicole Plass and her family moved from Germany to Wellington in January 2008.  Miss Nicole has worked as a kindergarten teacher and Musikgarten teacher in Germany, and holds Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Music Therapy and is a licensed Musikgarten teacher.  Miss Nicole’s specialty is her class for mixed ages taught entirely in German.  “Miss Nicole is outstanding!   She’s great at engaging children in her very enthusiastic, charming way.”